Welcome to Gackle, North Dakota


With a population of just over three hundred people, Gackle is a small city in Logan County, North Dakota. Founded in 1904, the city was named for George Gackle, a local farmer.

The community is situated on the beautiful prairie in south-central North Dakota. Also known as the "Duck Hunting Capital of the World", Gackle is populated with warm-hearted people, panoramic attractions, and an enviable tourism promotion program.

Gackle is filled with history. It has survived natural calamities, and undergone gradual change and development. It is a place of many attractions, and things to do. Along with its natural resources, Gackle has many lakes, such as Marvin Miller Lake, Hehn-Schaffer Lake, and Arnies Lake, where you can boat or go fishing.

A picturesque small town to those who are visiting, Gackle is a safe haven to its residents.

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